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Indian Gospel Melodies

The Salvation Army ISET

Editing & Post Production

The Indian Gospel Melodies (IGM) is a Boston based community choral group, drawing singers and supporters from as far away as NJ, Washington DC thus making a unique contribution to the cultural life in the Boston area. IGM singers range in age from 11 to over 60. The quality of IGM concerts springs from a single common bond shared by all of its members - a love of singing and sharing great works of art with community audiences.

Themed on a passion to reach the unreached Indian population for Christ. Indian Gospel Melodies typically conducts two fund raising concerts in the Boston area for various missions. During the concerts, the choir will present details about the mission project to the audience and one hundred percent of the funds collected during the concert will be directed towards the mission project. The missions goal is reached by partnering with existing Christian mission organizations in India.



The Salvation Army operation commenced in 27 May, 1892 as a result of the vision received by Major Deva Sundaram at “Medicine Hill” near Nagercoil in Kanyakumari District. He had been praying and fasting with three officers when persecution was at its zenith in South Tamil Nadu.As the Army experienced rapid growth in South India, the Territory was separated from Southern Territory on 1 October 1970.States included in the territory: Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry
'The Salvation Army' in Tamil : Ratchaniya Senai in Malayalam : Raksha Sainyam
Languages in which the gospel is preached : English, Malayalam, Tamil
Periodicals : Chiruveeran (Tamil), Home League Quarterly, Poresatham (Tamil), The Officer (Tamil)

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DTS 5.1 Surround Audio Demo by Alfred Digital Studios

The Sonatas7 is gospel music band that has been worshiping since 2015. It was developed by Oliver T Marchal started with seven talented musicians. In 2021 the Sonatas7 released a VBS 2021 Audio album at Nagercoil to the Salvation Army ISET, Tiruneveli. The group has toured lots of musical events in around Tamilnadu, India for evangelistic meetings. The Sonatas7 has released Video project called “Um Anbirkkai” delivered successfully” and got lots of nice comments among the Christian industry.

From the very beginning, the Sonatas7 has always kept a vision in mind of what the Lord would lead us to do. We believe that it is important that our group to live what we share with others. Musicians of the Sonatas7 are not just musicians by desire but are ministers of the gospel through music. Benny, Asik Ebin Sam, Jaff, Praveen Harrison David, Irish, Oliver T Marchal, Felix Hebrone are committed to spread the news of Christ's soon return.

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5.1 DTS Mix

Creating a DTS 5.1 Surround Audio Demo by Alfred Digital Studios

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