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About Us

Alfred Digital Studios is the Cape Comorin’s premier recording facility. Located in the heart of the City, the studios have given rise to some of the most celebrated music of the last eleven years, from Nagercoil to Chennai and around Globals too, and has produced more famous albums to beat any other studio in the downtown. Now, this iconic studio is running by Mr.Oliver T Marchal, Director of Alfred Digital Studios. Alfred Digital Studios is completely acoustically treated and isolated from the outer noise for reference monitoring of the Crystal clear audio post production. Alfred Digital Studios facilitate all kinds of Hardwares/Softwares originally allowed to produce unlimited HD Audio and Stereo to Surround for Audio Post Production. It is one of the best studios ever built for the originally licensed DOLBY Atmos 7.1 Surround and DTS Surround in Cape Comorin.



The idea was simple – take the most historic recording studios in the Cape Comorin and transform it to react to the needs of contemporary artists and producers recording in the new millennium. The key ingredient, however, was in preserving the integrity of the live recording room, as built by Daford Acoustic Private Limited, Nagercoil.



The result is a truly unique experience that stimulates both the aural and visual senses. That combines the epic sound recordings of the past with a bold, playful vision of the future. A place where artists can meet, mingle, and be inspired, while at the same time shaping the way music is heard for generations to come here.



The Sonatas7 is gospel music band that has been worshiping since 2015. It was created by Oliver T Marchal started with seven talented musicians. In 2021 the Sonatas7 did a VBS 2021 Audio album in Nagercoil to the Salvation Army ISET, Tiruneveli. The group has toured lots of musical events in around Tamilnadu India for evangelistic meetings. The Sonatas7 has released video project called “Um Anbirkkai” delivered successfully and got lots of nice comments among the Christian industry.



From the very beginning, the Sonatas7 has always kept a vision in mind of what the Lord would lead us to do. We believe that it is important that our group to live what we share with others. Musicians of the Sonatas7 are not only musicians by desire but are ministers of the gospel through music. Oliver Benny, Asik Ebin Sam, Jaff, Praveen Harry Davish, Irish, Oliver Jerome, Suraj, Oliver T Marchal, Felix Hebrone, Jonathan, Camlin Oliver are committed to spread the news of Christ's soon return.

Instruments we Play & Roles:

Asik Ebin Sam: Piano, all kind of Brass&Woodwinds, Vocalist

Jaff: Acoustic Guitar

Praveen Harry Davish: Acoustic Drums, Electronic Drum and Percussions, Vocalist

OliverBanny: BassGuitar, Vocalist

Irish: All kind of Electric lead Guitars

Oliver Jerome: Acoustic Drums, Electronic Drum and Percussions

Suraj: All kind of Percussions

Oliver T Marchal: Music Direction, Arranger, Writing, Keyboard,  Drums

Felix Hebrone: Acoustic Drums,Vocalist

Jonathaan: Vocalist, Violinist

Camlin Oliver: Vocalist, Violinist

Please Contact Us:

Oliver Thaya Marchal, Biochem, Dip.Media Engin, Dip. Info. Tech, Dip.Medical Tech

Director of Alfred Digital Studios

1/1N-A East Street, Sastha Nagar

Putheri , Nagercoil-629001




Write to Us:,,


Phone :

+91-9791667074, +91-8300055378

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